Windows Password File

If you have found this article you probably need to unlock a password for a Windows account, right?

Normally the password file for all Windows accounts is found in the following location: C:\windows\system32\config
Inside that folder will be a file called "SAM" which contains the passwords for all of the accounts on your computer.

The only thing is that having the SAM file is not enough to remove or reveal any Windows passwords.  You need software such as ours in order to view, decrypt and modify the SAM file so you can actually remove the password.

Our software works on all versions of Windows and it will instantly wipe out and remove all passwords so you can login to Windows instantly.

Unlock Your Windows Account Password with Ease: A Comprehensive Guide

Did you get locked out of your Windows computer and are you unable to remember your password? If you have landed on this page, you are probably looking for a way to unlock your Windows account password. If you're thinking you can simply locate and manipulate the system file where Windows stores passwords, it's not quite that simple. But don't worry, we're here to help you navigate this situation with our effective software solution.

The SAM File: Windows' Vault for Passwords

Windows has a secure way of storing account passwords. This information is stored in a file called SAM (Security Accounts Manager) located in the system32\config folder of your Windows directory, usually C:\windows\system32\config. This file contains the hashed (encrypted) passwords for all the accounts on your computer.

The SAM file is where the Windows system turns to validate the password you enter against the stored password for the account. If the password entered matches with the hashed password stored in the SAM file, access is granted; if not, access is denied.

The Complexities of Deciphering the SAM File

Despite having located the SAM file, you might find yourself at a dead end. The hashed passwords in the SAM file cannot be read or deciphered manually. The encryption techniques employed by Windows for storing passwords are quite sophisticated to ensure the security of user data. As such, you would need highly specialized software to decrypt and modify the SAM file to remove or reset the password. This is where our software comes into play.

Our Instant Password Removal Solution

We have developed a software solution that can seamlessly interact with the SAM file, view and decrypt its contents, and modify it to remove any account passwords. The best part? It works instantly. With a few clicks, our software will wipe out and remove all the passwords on your Windows system, allowing you to regain access and log in immediately.

Our software is compatible with all versions of Windows, from Windows XP up to the latest versions. It's been designed to be user-friendly, even for those who aren't tech-savvy. Once you purchase our software, you'll receive an email with the software and easy-to-follow instructions to get you back into your account in no time.


Being locked out of your Windows account doesn't need to be a disastrous situation. Even if traditional methods of password recovery aren't applicable, our software offers an efficient and instant solution. By wiping out and removing your passwords, you can regain control over your system swiftly. Whether you're a home user who's forgotten their password or a business that needs to access crucial data, our software ensures you regain access effortlessly and securely.



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