How It Works

The Easiest Program By Far!

Our software is so easy all you need to do is burn our software to CD or to a USB drive and run it (we provide everything you need).

Then you'll see the screen below showing all the accounts and passwords it has unlocked and removed from your system automatically.

Even if you are locked out of your computer, you can use any other computer you have full access to (like the one you're using now) to download and burn our software. Then you just take the CD to the computer you forgot your Windows password for and it will do all the work for you like the picture below. After you see this picture you can login to your computer again, you're no longer locked out.

Don't be afraid of the screen, the program does all the work.  It is just showing you everything is fine and all passwords have been removed and cleared)

Screenshot of Windows Geeks Recovery Tools for Windows XP 2000 NT Vista 20003 Server Reset Recovery Bypass Unlock Recover Forgotten Password

The picture is just showing you everything was successful and that it has reactivated every Windows user password account including Administrator.

Buy Windows Geeks Removal Tool now to get back into your computer INSTANTLY!


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