A Few Samples Of Our Satisfied Customers

Hi,  I have had my home computer now for nearly 3 years.  Upon setting it up I had chosen not to bother putting an administrator password on it as it was just my wife and I that was using it.  However, for a reason still unknown to me, I decided that after the most recent windows update I would put a password in for the added security.  The computer then remained on, as it normally does, for a couple of months until the next windows update came requiring a restart.  But after my computer had restarted it had been so long since I had entered the password that I now had the embarrassing problem of not being able to remember it.  After trying a couple of free options that I found on the internet to no avail I decided to take the plunge and try Windows Geeks Password Removal Tool.  Now, first off, I wouldn't consider myself a newbie, but by no means would I consider myself an expert either, so my knowledge about possible fixes was limited to say the least.  I found almost every other piece of software that I tried to be hard to understand and use, and for the most part completely unhelpful, so it was with guarded optimism that I purchased your product.  After I submitted my payment the email arrived with the download information immediately.  Within a few minutes I had burned the boot disk and was ready to take your product home and try my luck.  Again, completely skeptical, I put the disk in my computer and booted it up.  Figuring that it would take a few moments to tell me that the software was incompatible or that it couldn't find my windows installation (which was a common problem with almost all of the other software I tried because my Windows installation is on a seperately installed hard drive) I decided to take a quick bathroom break.  When I arrived back at the computer my issue had been solved......just like that.  No typing or instructions to follow, no impossible to understand terminology or anything, within the 60 seconds it took me to use the bathroom my issue was fixed.  I honestly couldn't believe it, partially because of the speed at which the problem was solved, but mostly because I didn't have to do anything, literally, I just put the disk in and viola, no more password.

I had noticed when surfing your site that there wasn't a section for testimonials, but as I am completely blown away by your product I figured I needed to tell my story, if not for anything than to just pass along my gratitude.  Your product was a lifesaver - the best $40 bucks I've spent in a long time.  Thank you once again, I don't know where I'd be without The Windows Geeks.

Skeptical no more,

James N.

Calgary, Canada
Hi Guys!

I just want to say thank you thank you thank you.
I tried different programs and they would not work with my computer.

And your program does all of the work for me!  I can't believe you don't have to type anything and it just removes all the passwords!

Seattle, USA
I just wanted to say this works and my wife is very impressed with me!  Little does she know the program did all of this for me :)

Dallas, USA
To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to email and thank your support team for their fantastic assistant and knowledge. I have bought many products online over the years for our computers and nothing was this simple and this easy to use.

I also want to add that from all the other companies listed for simpilar products, yours did exactly what it said it was going to do, and it was basically as simple as turning on a TV.

Excellent work!

Tim Alder, Flip side Electronics
Austin, Texas

OMG! Thank you thank you thank you thank you! You guys rock rock rock! IT WORKS and I'm in!

Mya Robinson, Maxine's Boutique
New York City

To the Support Staff,

Quick note to everyone who helped me. I wanted to say my deepest thanks for all your assistant. One of our employee's left the job and we needed access to her old computer, and I don't know what she had done to it; but it just wasn't letting us login.

I went 4 other products being advertised, and nothing helped and NO ONE helped. I was out lots of money and frurstrated. I went to a computer store, and they quoted me $340! That's an insane price!

Out of luck and very desperate, and did more research and came across your product. I thought it was a long shot, but I bought it. I have to say, that even if your product cost $80 I would buy it again and again! IT WORKED! And it worked just like advertised! It was simple, easy to use and now I'm so relieaved and thankful!

You guys answered all my pre-sales questions which I'm sure were at least a page long and even after the service has been fantastic!

I have you guys bookmarked I'm that happy!

Your new life time customer and fan,

Scott Dunsbir, Dunsbir Honda, Dallas Texas


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