How To Recover Forgotten and Lost Windows Passwords


Note that Ophcrack does not work on newer versions of Windows including Windows 10.  You can still try to use pwdump and John the Ripper which will work for newer versions of Windows (be warned and do not be fooled by blogs showing passwords are found in seconds).  That is only the case if your password is very weak and short like (123abc).


1.) Download Ophcrack

Make sure you choose the version that applies to your Windows computer (the one you are trying to get back into). Eg. if you are using Windows NT/2000/XP then choose that version of Ophcrack's LiveCD or if you are running Vista/7 then choose that Vista/7 version.

To recover your Windows Password, first download Ophcrack's LiveCD and burn to CD or USB.  If you want it on USB we recommend using Rufus (another free tool that allows you to burn ISO CD/DVD images to a USB thumb drive).

2.) Boot the CD or USB

3.) Run Ophcrack



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